Bristol Living Costs

We have posited that this is the biggest city in the western part of England, and this is to tell you that it is not one of those sleepy cities around. Amidst its developed and sophisticated nature, Bristol still has a cost of living that is described as lower than what you will get in areas around London. Have you started your Bristol moving preparation? It means you decided to buy a house in Bristol. This is an area where you can say that the cost of living is not expensive, though it is higher than the national average and what you will get in areas like Manchester. On a general note, renting in this city is considered inexpensive.

Bristol renting costs

The general information is that areas that lie in the outskirts of the city will offer a 1 bedroom flat at the rate of £450 per month, while houses on the average starts from £600 per month. When you come to places like Whitchurch, Henleaze and Redland, they will offer great accommodations at cheap rates. The same thing is applicable to Withywood, Hartcliffe, Fishponds and Hartcliffe, though the later areas have some sort of unpleasant reputation.

Now, in the city center, you will pay about £500 a month for a flat, though some areas like the Clifton and Whiteladies areas may cost up to £750 a month. When you rent a house here, you should be ready to pay about £750 a month in those areas that are nicer. Now, you have to know that the Clifton, Hotwells and Whiteadies areas are the best areas you can possibly live in this city. If you are a family and not just a youth, the areas of Gloucester and St. Paul's may not be ideal for you because of the Bristol night life concentration over there. However, the official index has it that a 1 bedroom apartment in the city center goes for between 794.67, £, 700.00 and 900.00 per month, while outside the city center, you will enjoy this at 616.67, £500.00 and 700.00. While in the same vein, a 3 bedroom apartment in the city center will go for about 1,516.67 £, 1,200.00 and 2,000.00, while outside the city center, you will get this at 995.00, £800.00 and 1,200.00. Some of Bristol pensioners often rent their house or flat to make some extra monthly income, find shipping company in Bristol and start their retirement in one of the exotic countries.

For those who want to buy houses in Bristol, a square meter in the city center is sold at 3,680.56, £1,400.00 and 4,391.68, while outside the city center; it goes for about 2,179.40, £1,400.00 and 3,229.17. Now, in order to consider the cost of living index in this city, the average monthly disposable income after the entire tax in Bristol is about 1,666.30, £1,247.34 and 2,000.00, while the mortgage interest rate per year pegs at about 3.53, 2.40 and 4.70% yearly.

Monthly spendings

Food costs in Bristol

In terms of meals, there are affordable and costly ones depending on what you can afford. For a meal in an inexpensive restaurant, you can get one at the range of 11.50, £8.00 and 14.00. When it comes to a meal for 2, then you can get it at the cost of 50.00, £35.00-60.00 at a mid range restaurant. The MacDonald’s meal here costs 5.00, £5.00-6.00 for the MacMeal which is equivalent to a combo meal. Domestic beer is sold at the cost of 3.50, £3.00-4.20, while imported bee costs about 3.00, £2.80-4.00. A regular cappuccino in Bristol will cost you about 2.31, £1.60-3.00. The cost of 0.33 liter of coke is 0.98, £0.79-1.20 and a bottle of water costs between 0.76, £0.50 and 1.00

Transportation costs in Bristol

When you get to transportation in the city of Bristol, you will get a one way ticket for local transport at the cost of 1.50, £1.50-3.00, while the regular price for the monthly pass is 66.00, £55.00-80.00. The normal start tariff for taxi is 2.65, £2.03-3.50. For 1km, it is 1.12, £1.12-1.12. However, if the taxi is hired for one hour waiting, then you have to pay about 18.00, £18.00-23.20. When you come to the price for gasoline, which determines a lot of things in the economy and day to day running of people's homes and businesses, a liter goes for 1.11, £1.05-1.16.

Other costs

The price of car in this city is a bit on the high side. If you want to buy a brand new Volkswagen golf 14.90 KW Trendline for instance, you have to pay about 18,000.00, £ 17,000.00-18,500.00 on the average. The same is applicable to other new cars of this range and capacity. For the utilities, a person who lives in an 85m2 apartment in Bristol will be paying about 144.70, £106.25-214.20 as a basic utility fee for electricity, water, heating and garbage. The prepaid mobile tariff for 1 minute is between 0.04, £0.03-0.05, while the basic internet tariff for 10 Mbps, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL in Bristol is about 19.99, £18.00-22.00. A pair of Nike running shoes in this city will cost you about 65.25, £50.00-79.00. A pair of men leather shoes will cost you about 65.62, £50.00-90.00 here; while a pair of Levis jeans or a similar brand will cost about 53.70, £40.00-70.00.

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