Buying House in Bristol

One of the most prevalent needs of every man is good housing. Have you just started your Bristol removals planning? The first thing you should ask to know about when you decide to move to the great city of Bristol should be about the housing system in this city. Now, there is no gainsaying that living in a rented apartment in Bristol will offer you all the comfort you need to carry on with your daily life, but this will never give you absolute peace of mind. And this you are in need of. You will only have peace when you live in your own home and do not worry about paying rents to anybody at the end of the year or month. By finding the perfect place to live, you will not have to look too quickly for next Bristol man and van team to execute your next removals to Bath or any other surrounding area.

Process of buying home

Now, if you wish to buy a house in Bristol, there are some facts you need to get hold of, so as to have a good buy at the end of it. You should also check what are the living costs in Bristol area, to be able to plan your budget properly. The fact is that the rise of Banksy and the Ss Great Britain has a very big influence on the cost of homes in Bristol. The transformation of the Habourland is also very significant. The increase in the economy of Britain has gained more strength. Since it gained the status of European green capital, its economy and quality of life has increased. Now, 2017 will see the completion of the 90 million pounds indoor venue called the Bristol arena. Again, the year 2018 will see the arrival of new high speed rail service. A city with 2 great universities, an airport and good jobs scattered all over the place will always witness a boom in the housing market. Most of the Londoners who are relocating prefer to come here. So the question now is where the best place for them to buy homes in Bristol is.


Clifton is the place many of the would-be movers will prefer. This would be because of its garden squares, regency crescents and the Georgian terraces. With great roads and streets around it, the municipal museum and art gallery, lots of cafes and boutiques and a college prep school, it is a good area to live in. when you come to this part of the city, you will discover that most of the properties are on leasehold. However, for you to get a 2 bedroom crescent apartment here, you may have to cough out about £330,000.


Southville has been touted as one of the areas that perform positively on the real estate market in Bristol. This has been described by those who know as one area that went unnoticed for many years, but which is now witnessing a great boom. This is the place where some houses sell overnight with more than 10 percent above the asking price. This area of the city was a boom during the functional time of the Wills Imperial Tobacco Factory. However, when the factory went down, it also went down in value. The emergence of a theater and arts hub on the site of the company few years back brought the area to life again. Cafes and bars accompanied these and the price of houses went up immediately. However, one more thing that leaves this area open to boom is the fact that it is close to the harbor. This is also coupled to the lack of supply that is witnessed. So, if you want to buy about 3 or 4 bedroom houses, you have to be looking at about £350,000-£450,000 respectively.

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Stoke bishop and Sneyd Park

The area named Stoke Bishop is regarded as one of the smartest suburbs in Bristol, and it is also named the 2nd hotspot in the city. This has gone to the extent that the real estate growth rate here is 8.1 per cent. This area spreads till the Sneyd Park and the homes are mostly vintage micro homes on very large plots or one-offs. Because of these, you will enjoy different housing style mix in the area including arts and crafts, Edwardian, Victorian, post war bungalows, glassy modern and many others.

Bishopston and St. Andrews

This area spreads from Cotham to Gloucester road. There are many shops and bars around it, coupled with several cafes. You will enjoy Bristol shopping centres. The good thing about this place is its excellent mix of lively street life with the reserved and family friendly community setting. Here, you will experience Victorian homes mostly and the average price for homes here is £390, 00, for a 2 bedroom apartment, but larger houses will cost about £550,000 or more.

Hotwells and Habourside

This place has actually gone up with the influence of the harbor, so many offices, waterfront apartments and narrow boats are witnessed here at the moment. You may also get great wood houses around Hotwells road. There is a plan to develop the whapping wharf waterside apartments, and they have started selling them off-plan with a 2 bedroom apartment placed at £315,000.

Redland and Cotham

The Redland area was the number one hotspot last year, and it recorded an 8.5 percent price increase. This is because it has the best state schools in the city. Running down to Cotham, you cannot tell the difference between the two areas, and a 2 bedroom apartment in Redland and Cotham presently costs about £300,000.